Organizations make decisions based on data and intelligence. However, it is challenging for many companies to gather the right information to put together strategies for investment, development, business operations, and promotion, especially in the GMS.

Mekong Trends provides Snapshots about specific travel and tourism issues, such as Aviation, Hotel Development, Community-based tourism, Food Tourism, Accessible Tourism, Heritage Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Human Capital Development, and others. In addition, an annual Mekong Trends book will be published.

Each Snapshot is to curate expert opinions, while the Annual Mekong Trends Book also includes GMS Tourism Performance, key tourism developments in the region, contributed articles from the Mekong Tourism Experts Network.

Mekong Trends is published in e-book format, which can be downloaded as well as printed on-demand for travel trade shows, as well as for partners.

Mekong Trends is a public-private partnership, executed by CEN International, for the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (MTCO), with funding from third party organisations. Our focus is to leverage content utilising Mekong Tourism Experts, part of the Mekong Tourism Contributor Program.